Our 1934 chev 1.5 ton truck

Our 1934 Chev 1.5 ton truck

It has been nearly a week since we brought home our new Chevrolet truck. Before you think this is about a new truck, I have to say nothing is farther from the truth. Although it will take a while to get her finished, I read somewhere that if you want to do it right, you do not rush it.

Funny, we instantly fell in love with that 1934 Chev 1.5 ton pickup when we first laid eyes on her as we drove past her on our way to Ruckle Park on Saltspring Island. That sunny weekend excursion took us on a bicycle ride past the place she sat on a side clearing near the road.

When we saw the Chevrolet, we had to see her from up close. Knowing that I was not yet welcome, I shouted hello towards the house, hoping I might catch someone’s attention, not the attention of a hungry German Shepherd. As it turned out, I did attract someone. We asked if we could take pictures of the truck and if it was for sale. As it turned out- yes, the Chev was for sale.

Back in Victoria, that truck was in our conversation, so the next morning, I called  to buy it. I arranged to meet up with the owner the next weekend. I went over to Saltspring Island to pay the first payment on the truck and arranged both a reasonable deal and payment plan to have it paid for within the next three  months. We saved and sacrificed things to get her. Every time I went over to the island and made a payment, we were a little closer to owning our Chev.

That was last year… now, we have the Chev under cover from the elements. Although I work on her occasionally at the moment, due to other commitments such as school work; I know someday we will be cruising in that 1934 Chevrolet 1.5 ton.

When we first saw her, we fell in love with her....

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