1927 Ford Model T – Rat Rod

Here is a 1927 Ford Model T with a very nicely worked and detailed Mazda 12A from a Mazda 323. “Ok, it’s a rat rod. The chassis build took me four days,” Joel tells us, “by that time Dad had come around and helped me out, making the wellside and rolling up the cab, etcetera.”I basically made two frames, one to hold the diff with suspension at the back and the front end with motor and box. From there I mated them together to suit the original ‘27 Ford Model T cowl and doors, and the length of the driveshaft. Then I mounted the suspension to suit.”

“I’ve always had the idea of building a Japanese-powered rod of some kind, and always wanted to run old-school Jap wheels on it to tie it all in, too. I figured the Auto Barrels would be perfect,” Joel says. We have to agree with that, the Winds wheels really give the rod a different look, setting it apart from other rats out there, and hinting towards something different between the front struts. So, after a solid month spent in the workshop building the rat rod, Joel managed to finish the car.”


Engine: Mazda 12a 1200cc Twin Rotary

Block: Full Cut Bridgeport, 3-Window Bearings, Cross Drilled E-Shaft, 3mm Carbon Apex Seals, Lightened And Balanced Rotors

Intake: 51mm Ida, K&N Air Filter

Exhaust: Twin 2-Inch Into 3-Inch Pipes, Single Supertrap

Fuel: Walbro 500hp In-Tank Pump

Ignition: Locked Electronic Distributor, 8mm Leads, Ngk Plugs, Bosch Coils

Cooling: Alloy Radiator, Rx-7 Oil Cooler

Other: Gilmer Belts, Polished And Detailed Housings And Components


Gearbox: Mazda Rx-5 5-Speed

Clutch: 4 Puk Clutch, Heavy-Duty Pressure Plate, 10lb Flywheel

Differential: Locked Hilux 4:2 Ratio

Other: Custom Driveshaft


Struts: (F) Shortened Kyb Shocks, 500lb King Springs, (R) Shortened Mitsubishi Delica Shocks, Modified Ford Falcon Springs

Other: Whiteline Sway Bar, Nolathane Bushes Throughout The Front, Aluminium Rear Bushes

Brakes: (F) Wilwood Dynalite Callipers, S5 Rx-7 Rotors, Wilwood Polymatrix Pads (R) Nissan Bluebird Callipers, Nissan Gti-R Rotors

Wheels: (F) 15×8-Inch -25 Winds Auto Barrel, (R) 15×8-Inch -5 Winds Auto Barrel

Tyres: (F) 195/50r15 Bridgestone Potenza, (R) 195/50r15 Bridgestone Potenza


Paint: Garden Hose Rust Brown

Enhancements: Ford Pop Grill, Single Front Light, 60s Era Ford Tail-Lights


Seats: Fibreglass Bucket Seats

Steering Wheel: Deep Dish

Gear Knob: Custom Gear Stick

Instrumentation: Autogauge Tachometer

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2 thoughts on “1927 Ford Model T – Rat Rod

  1. Lolll à 12A from a 323??? Lolll reallyyy?

    • yeah, pretty innovative. I’d like to figure out how to use a $75.00 Z28 Front suspension equipped with disc brakes, struts, and rack and pinion steering for Bigbolt! The problems can be conquered!

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