1972 Peoples’ Liberation Army Bike


  1972 Peoples’ Liberation Army Bike.   
Are you Omega Man, or Woman?  Worried about getting around during or after the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse? The CJ 750 is the perfect vehicle to drive from now until the End of Days.  Proven performance in Nuclear Fallout, and Tactical Atomic situations.
Just some of the outstanding features that make for a great escape or Zombie fighting vehicle:

  • High ground clearance-  you won’t get a high-centred on anything, or anyone you might drive over
  • Extended range-  with the extra fuel carried on board, the bike has a range of around 500km, enough to bug-out without stopping for fuel and risking capture
  • 750cc flathead power-plant- reliable down to -40 Celsius. Perfect for Nuclear Winter
  • Four speeds ahead, and reverse-  Run them down coming, and going!
  • Spotlight for night time running, fitted with black-out lens- so you won’t be spotted from the air
  • Steel leg guards- to stay warm; keep fallout and spray from soiling your Sperry Topsiders, keep your feet toasty when riding below zero
  • Leather and steel panniers – lots of food and weapon storage, and lockable (also conveniently ammunition sized!)
  • Lockable cavernous trunk on sidecar, a great place to store the gieger-counter

The side car frame sits on a torsion axle,and leaf springs- a comfortable ride for a fellow survivor or for sensitive electronics

  • Sidecar brake- avoid striking hoards!
  • Spare wheel and tire- all the wheels and tires are interchangeable in case of puncture Often a flat can lead to capture while you fumble with tire irons – No more!
  • Plush, actual sheepskin seat cover
  • Can be fitted with aux rack seat (included!)
  • Can be fitted with  factory sidecar machinegun mount (not included)

Bike and car can haul 800lbs, and the machine weighs in at about 900lbs dry.  This is a fun, easy riding machine.  Show up anywhere, and you’ve got the most unique vehicle in sight!

$5500, or best offer.



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