Barn-find close to heaven sent

I was lucky to be in the right place, right time about a month ago…I bought a 1968 Karmann Ghia (missing an engine) for $200; I bought an engine for $50 and have been working on it to have it out of the garage and back home. A Karmann Ghia is a car that is a Volkswagen that was designed by an Italian company “Karmannwerks” and each one was hand-massaged and are one of a kind. Well yesterday, I got the’68 Karmann Ghia running and out of the garage in the nick of time; parked right outside the house was a “Totem” tow truck waiting to nab the Ghia to take her to an impound lot (at what I suspect the request of the realtor). But as I said, we got out just in time! (the realtor showed the house about a half hour later)… I think that the cranky old fella who loved the car (and passed on), was happy that it ran after its been sitting in his garage without engine since ’04… I have to finish bleeding the brakes, tune her up and she’s ready to roll. I am glad I was trained as a vehicle technician in the Canadian military. She’ll be in a car show or two this year in honour of Art Erdman, the previous owner- I’m sure he’ll finally be happy and at peace once again.


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One thought on “Barn-find close to heaven sent

  1. Spence on said:

    Looks good brother, and the color isn’t to bad either!! Congrats on getting her running

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