How to Replace Chevy C10 Wood Bed Floor

ImageBuilding your own wooden truck bed is an ambitious but rewarding project for a truck enthusiast. A well-built wooden truck bed is sturdy and useful, able to haul cargo safely and conveniently. Even home-made wooden truck beds can be capable of carting over 3000 pounds of material. Once you’ve built the bed, you can also add tool boxes and other types of organizers to get the most out of your home-made wooden truck bed.


  • Remove the old truck bed. Lay down two of the 4-by-6 boards across the width of the frame to form the base of the new truck bed. Bolt these boards in place.
  • Lay down six to eight 4-by-6 boards lengthwise across the base of the truck bed. The number of boards you will need depends on how wide your truck bed is. Screw these in place with wood screws and drill.
  • Prepare the walls of the truck bed. For each side, measure and cut three 4-by-6 boards to fit the sides and back of the truck bed. Lay each set of three boards side by side.
  • Cut three new boards to lay across each set of three boards at a 90 degree angle. Space these short boards at regular intervals along each wall of the truck bed. These boards will act as braces for the sides of the truck. Screw boards in place.
  • Attach the walls of the truck bed to the base with two heavy-duty metal hinges for each side. This will allow you to open your truck bed outward.
  • Install the metal latch mechanisms at the back corners of the truck bed. These will allow you to keep the walls held in place upright.
  • Install the LED trailer lights to the back of the truck bed. These will act as your brake lights and turn signals so that you can operate the truck safely with the home-made truck bed installed.

By Michelle Labbe, eHow Contributor

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