Learning things about brakes and boosters…

Been working on replacing the engine, redoing the suspension and rebuilding the brakes on “Heavensent”, my 1970 Chevrolet C10 Pick-Up Truck for little over a month. I initially decided it was time to change the engine and with that underway, the suspension and brakes could be done as well. With no real shop but an open driveway, I went to work. The weather has been fantastic and a lot of my summer used up rebuilding “Heavensent”.


I am almost finished this phase . Like most automotive projects, it took up additional time, energy and money, this should not surprise me but it does and I am learning. One of the difficulties I found was in the process of replacing the original manual master brake cylinder with a new master cylinder/booster combination. I did this because I installed disc brakes upgrading from the old drum brakes. I am still working on setting up the brake linkage and adjusting the brake booster since after bleeding air out of the brakes lines, discovered that the brake pedal sank right to the floor. No brakes!!

Back to research…

After reading manuals, books and hours searching on the internet, I found a link from a site pointing to a possible solution. I then found another site- JEG’s that has a thorough explanation and a way to solve the problem of no pedal. Here’s the link… http://www.jegs.com/InstallationInstructions/500/555/555-631010-116.pdf


Determining what the problem is is my next step-   I think the push rod might be too short, so I will disconnect the master cylinder from the booster, and increase the length of the push rod with the adjusting nut. If all goes well, I’ll be driving Heavensent to get the front end aligned within the next few days. Wish me luck and tell me what you think.


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