1971 Pontiac Acadian 1 of 417 built with a V8 and only $3,000- its probably gone!

71 Nova engine 71 Nova front drvr side 71 Nova side$3,000.00

I spotted a nice 1971 Nova or Pontiac Acadian. Apparently 1 of 417 built with a V8. This particular car I spotted on  ” Alberta Collector Cars For Sale ” at Kijiji Alberta. This reminds me of  my first car. I can’t quite remember all the details but it was a canary-yellow 1968 Pontiac Acadian that I paid around $3, 000.00. Actually I convinced my buddy and roommate to lend me the cash to buy it. I got it and I paid him back. We cruised to Vancouver once but never made it as the inline 6-cylinder let go causing an environmental disaster by putting a piston through the block.  I was disheartened but it reminded me of the off-colour joke where there was someone “pissed and broke” hitchhiking inCanada. When he was picked up he said he left his car because the piston broke.  http://alberta.kijiji.ca/c-cars-vehicles-classic-cars-1971-Pontiac-Acadian-1-of-417-bulit-with-a-V8-W0QQAdIdZ540312868

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