Going where I ‘ve not been before…

DSCN4611Today I took some time to disassemble one of the running boards taking it off Bigbolt. It proved to be difficult as the nuts and bolts, being from 1934, were seized. Even though I used a formula made from 50% acetone and 50% ATF that penetrates quite well, they would not budge. Ok,  one nut moved a little but when I started to see that the wrench was peeling the corners off the nut. I stopped right there.

Had to use the grinder to remove the rest of the bolts but that worked. It was a struggle to get both parts of one front fender and running board off but that they are. Now I will clean them up, try to take the rust off them and prep them for reinstall at a later date.


Stay tuned!


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One thought on “Going where I ‘ve not been before…

  1. Reblogged this on BIGBOLT101 and commented:

    Besides using a Mustang II front end, I want to research using another clip from a 1995 Z28 – difficulty? need to fab the strut assy and other points to consider.

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