While the weather is cold, I can still create


This winter has been cold in most places. Here in Victoria it hasn’t been as cold as other places but it has seemingly been wet, so I have been focusing on creating  of another kind. I have been working with arcylic paints and creating artwork of vintage vehicles, mainly the types  you would imagine seeing in the farm field, rusting away into the landscape. I am happy that my skill is progressing and I am getting better with each brush stroke. Sometimes through failing I succeed. Though my time is spent between work in the Army Reserves and taking care of my mother- loaded with groceries or whatever she wants, I still devote a portion of my days to my artwork. I recently bought a business licence and have become more serious in the creation of the artwork and you know, just the thought of the business licence hanging on my studio wall has helped me become more serious in working on the art.

Admittedly, I love working on my vehicles and other things around the house. Here is the latest artwork I have created.


I am now working on commissions so you can understand why it would make me focused. I like working for myself, and it is about time. As for the certainty of it, I think back to what Winston Churchill said about war and art:

When Winston Churchill was asked to cut arts funding in favour of the war effort, he simply replied “then what are we fighting for?” I realize this could be entirely false but it sure helps propel me!

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