It was a holiday in some place; here, it is Victoria Day and I was in the parade.

I participated in the Victoria Day Parade #yyj. On the topic of waving to people, what’s your thoughts? My empirical research, from today’s experience, is that you should look in people’s eyes. I am sure many will agree that there is an interaction and on this occassion as sense of appreciation. As well, I found it interesting to look around, kind of hard to look for terrorists since they all resemble us, lol. We, as part of our unit’s community relations displayed vehicles at the Legislative grounds to meet the public. Nice to hear the American school bands following an old-time tradition. I also took the time to sketch at this stand, and conduct market research at the BC Museum Gift Shop. The day is positive.



Here in front of Victoria's Ledgeslative Building is a cenotaph honouring Canadians Soldiers

Here in front of Victoria’s Ledgeslative Building is a cenotaph honouring Canadians Soldiers

This cenotaph dedicated to those who gave their lives in World War I, World War II and the Korean War. It is located in front of the Legislature near the corner of Belleville and Government Streets in Victoria, British Columbia.


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