A Few Shots From the Car Show

Today I managed to get to the car show I planned on going to. There was a time between the planning on going and the actual process that I did not think I was going to go. This was for a few reasons, one, I had to work with the Army Reserves. I participated in a RCEME coordinating meeting conducted by higher authority in Ottawa. It was a good go. Though I am still in a position of learning, it was interesting to hear what is developing for now. A few recommendations such as the one of having the Video Telephone Conference or VTC earlier in the training year was a good suggestion. Enough about that…Image



So after work, my gal was going to get groceries and she was then out and about. I called her and asked her if she wanted to go with me since I have a better time when she accompanies me. Another reason to be with someone you love. 🙂Image


The show had already started and the cars in place at the George R Pearkes Arena in Victoria. When we got there it was easy to find parking close to the event in the Tillicum Centre parking lot and since its for a great cause, the Saanich Fire Dept. we gladly paid a donation and went in…


I spotted Dwight right away and a multitude of shined up hot rods. The brilliant lights overhead cause the cars to gleam as the chrome and paint jobs shine. There was ample space as the show was busy but not to the point of congested. I was somewhat surprised but this is the first official show for some to attend.


I made some connections and fostered friendships- great for future business as Frontline Image. My painting fits right in.



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