Artwork Keeps On Being Created

Aside from working on my car projects. house projects and exercise, my art needs to get out into the world. One way is through this blog into the social media world. If it goes that far, I am happy.

collection of original auto art

A collection: Here is a wall of auto art. $20,000

When my art becomes world-wide, I will still be creating them from one paint stroke to the next.

Here is some of them that I have on the go. Just like my car projects, the “garage” is filling up.I enjoy working this angle taking more pleasure out it since the pressure of everyday is not felt. Am I overlooking something? Maybe the paperwork and filing; I’ll get to that soon- within the tax year at least 🙂

Here’s a painting  I am working on for a friend for her office. She works at Maxam Insurance in Langford. After viewing the paintings I have hung  at Maxam, she asked if I could do a painting that would be a reminder of San Francisco. She has other art in her office but its borrowed.  I was stump as to what to paint. With no picture to chose from, I got one taken while stopping in San Francisco. For public viewing, which gives my art exposure, it had to be something cool. Why not from this angle

San Francisco- nice city, yet staying downtown close to the main road into the city’s hub of transportation. To the visitor, something was going down every moment. As the tour bus took us through the city sites, we stopped after crossing the Golden Gate Bridge. Here is a painting from that stop site.


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One thought on “Artwork Keeps On Being Created

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    This got picked up by the social media of Gene Winfield- Hot Rod and Custom car guru of the last century . He still works in the industry as a an advisor, special guest and whatever else he wants to do.

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