I am kinda something…original art for FRONTLINE IMAGE


We named the 1.5 ton Chevrolet truck “Bigbolt” after seeing what info there was on it from http://www.stovebolt.com

Before I finish my time here on Earth, I hope to have developed into the artist I think I can be.The subject of cars and art go together in my studio. Today I took the opportunity to both work on the ’34 Chev 1.5 ton pick up, “Bigbolt” AND on creating some art. I have some projects on the go and what I will need to do, I think, is some shuffling- move the Camaro into the fort and move Bigbolt out- for a while at least. In order to do this I need to reinstall an engine into the Camaro. I think the 350ci small block I have stripped apart will work just fine. For that, need to pull out the pistons and install new piston rings, a mild RV cam and probably an new oil pump while I am at it. The 327ci small block is still at the shop until I finish paying for it.Its nothing special. That one is going to be bored out .030 over and completely rebuilt. That one will go into Bigbolt coupled to a Turbo 350 transmission I have. Yes both require a bit of work yet, I have little to budget and I am using what I got.

So, onto the latest artwork. Most recently, I visited My Chosen Cafe in Metchosin BC while cycling to lose weight and build myself up again. It was a good visit and  I sent some pictures of my work to the owner. chev

collection of original auto artNo word yet. I figure to keep on creating original art and not to get completely caught in thinking of the future except to practice positiveness.

Let me mention that I ‘d like you folks to send out a prayer for my friend Les W, and anyone else you can think of, recovering in hospital.

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