Analysis of Gorge Car Show Experience

The day started with the intention of going to the Car show and showing off my 1968 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia. In hindsight, I see that the possibility was there to really show it as I intended to in the promise set forth when I inherited it for cheap. rebuilt it and looking heavenward solemnly promised that I would show it if it ran on that calm evening back over two years ago.

Ghia first pics.








I decided to go anyway letting this frustration not get the best of me. I took Heavensent and got there without any problems.Heavensent...reliable until she's not.

Parking, on the other hand, had issues. It was non-existent. I spotted a customer moving to her vehicle from Canadian Tire and as I stop short, I jokenly said, “I’ll even help you load your garden supplies to get your parking spot!”

Gorge Canadian Tire
Happily, I walked over to the Gorge Festival. It was truly a festival filled with a sea of  colours, though predominantly red as its represents the maple leaf on our country’s flag. Music, laughter and people enjoying their Canada Day. It was packed. The sights were great and the cars super!

Canada Day brought out the best in a lot of people. Crowds were checkingn out the festivalOne of the Hot Rods I painted. I saw it again at the Gorge Car Show.



Here, Jonathan Henricksen hangs out in the sunshine behind his Hot Rod. Check out the low roof line.


There were a few nice bikes but most were out on the road.

There weren’t that many rat-rod styled cars but it does keep me motivated to get Bibbolt on the road!

There were plenty of muscle cars to see!

Jpeg Jpeg Jpeg Jpeg Jpeg Jpeg Jpeg Jpeg



I continue to develop my relationships in the Car Show world seeking out friends and potential clients- met a few!


It was about 11am when I got to there. But it was turning into a great day!

I am happy I went. It was the first time and conducting this kind of research is just my style. Cheers!

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