My participation in an art/car show this weekend analysis

Greetings! A long awaited event occurred this weekend.

Art and music

I participated in a show that took some effort and preparation to  effectively present my artwork and that I did and have some lessons I hope to learn. My lessons learned were points such as whether or not to put a price on each work or wait until asked. Then, will I be asked at another measure of time or then on the spot? Since there was two sites, I learned that its better to have a display at both sites. ghia at Art in the Gardens

I also painted while in location. I found that it might give an example of who does the work lending to further validity. I also had  word that the 1965 corvette owner was interested as was the saratoga owners! That said, this could be three owners interested. The main group of people, the paying public, did not seem that interested though at least one remarked that the work was reminding her of the days long ago- at least, the old Ford stake truck52 Ford stake truck left in field I think the battery is deadThere were many artists present so that might be another reason for the audiences’ visible lack of excitement over the paintings.

I am glad that family and friends supported me as did members of the public particularly since I said I am an Afghan vet with 23 years of service who although physically injured, knows enough to work on an exit strategy that is developing a place in the niche of automotive artwork and the continued challenge of being self-employed.1968 Karmann Ghia at Art in the Garden

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