You’ll get a kick out of my systemshock

56 f1oo

What did I see when I was researching the internet for painting subjects that suddenly became a prospect? After looking at soo many F100 pick ups #391956_ford_f100_pickup_-_beige_-_fvl black beautyDSCN514853 F 100 RodMerc Hot Rod 4

I compelled myself to get one at a reasonable price! Unfortunately I cannot do this alone so I have to ask for help! The shock of what happened is not taken lightly. I bought a truck. To get the 1956 Ford F100 here was a three-pronged attack. First attack – to buy it immediately; second, move it to friendly territory; third, get it to my safe location.

I bought it.payment for 56 Ford

Then I brainstormed.

The problem to solve was a big logistic challenge to which I think I am capable of handling. It is my entire retirement savings I am dealing with!

I had to cancel as I was forced by non-delivery of the truck to my location as designated by me. I thought whatever the shipper (me) wants are the deets that the transporter would adhere to or negotiate out of- agreeing to disagree!

deets2uShip bidjstransport

Here’s what the transporter had to write after my deets were submitted:Response from jstransport2012:”I am no longer able to accommodate this shipment” Jstransport no longer will listen to customers. They book 2 week pickup and want taxi services. Peace and goodluck.

And I wonder outloud in a message back, “Did jstransport2012 write this? I doubt it; I feel we reached an understanding of what took place. No bad words were said about anything. Who is they? Well, Peace and goodluck guys!”

I can see dealings that are sneaky and being a soldier I wonder again.

Any way I look at it, it is so close to fishy that I would say that better business practices were not practiced by either  one company, by both companies or its just a confusing take-advantage-of- me business!

Thus, I wrote to the company. It then told me to use the fill-in form detailing my cancellation

.Transaction History

The other detail comment has disappeared and I did not think to snap shot that one. I did once I saw that one gone though!

Before I end this post/rant I gotta say that I connected with uShip and could be able to get a full refund. I did, however, not receive it when I checked my credit card at the bank. Maybe its standard practice for three business days…more to follow…1954 Ford F10050ish Ford pick up1956 Forf F100DSCN7296

As a undergrad of Professional Communications- thats all the schooling I can afford, I am glad I have this opportunity to see this ’56 Ford F100 challenge through to my visualized completion!

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