Les Gardner goes out on a bike ride

Just went on a bike ride it is what we needed today. Went along the highway, through some trails but mostly the galloping goose. No real hills just lots of smaller ones.


Out in the middle of the parking lot, here was a nicely done 54 Ford Pick-Up, I was happy to grab the opportunity to take a few pictures which will help me create a painting. in the meantime, this is what I saw.

A warm day brought out a couple of vehicles ncluding this Ford Hot Rod!

A warm day brought out a couple of vehicles ncluding this Ford Hot Rod!


On the way we visited my Dad at Hatley Park Cemetery. I could see the grass around each marker was cut down to bare earth. There was many more showing than I had seen before. In this moment I saw that many more were from the late 1800s.

We were intent now to go get Chinese. We made our way to Quality Foods and got some Chinese Food. Did I mention that they serve theirs so that it closely resembling the deal at Fairway Market ?

SO, I’m waiting in line for the food and looking around; what did I spot?this nice clean classic. This is a sweet Corvette. This is yet another vehicle I wouldn’t mind doing as the focal point in a painting!

Corvette in front of Quality Foods


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