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a preface

While still in the Canadian Forces Army Reserves, I see that the time will come when I am no longer able to serve my country. Be it ageing out, fitness or otherwise, I need to consider my future and what I hope to achieve. I would like to continue creating artwork and add my creations to the mass of art considered to be of “today”. 2 march 2015

Most of us simply cannot live without cars! a way of life and something more

Forged n the heat of fire, human hands made them and the strength was steel, and yes, back in the day, they were designed by gear head engineers, these cars were cars. when you see them today, they have more flair about them. More character than those cookie cutter cars made in the present

My artwork is the same. It focuses on the people’s love of personal transportation from the long forgotten relics in the prairies; where now all that gathers is rust and dust , to the uniqueness of having your own – your favorite automobile…   I am aspiring to capture these on canvas.

I see my artwork as part of the collection of images and as my interpretations of time gone by. And, much like the time gone by, many vehicles in the paintings are from the past. They conjure up memories you can appreciate!

I am retired from the Canadian Forces and no longer work for the Canadian government but self-employed

green rodred-rod1two-rods1 

I met the builder of these Hot Rods with his wife out at the Beverly Corners Show and Shine in August 2016


I will be heading to SEMA  November 01-04 2016, and this time I go with a purpose. Lucky to have got to this, this upstages my hobby and it merges with a lot of creative work from a lot of creative people. My intent is to ask:  if I may is, to west coast Canadian attendees, “what do they represent in the West and what brought them to the business they are in”



Contact me:


CEO: Les Gardner     Ph. 250.818.3171

Victoria and Lake Cowichan BC


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Al Capone’s Cadillac

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