On a Wednesday, is there nothing better to do? Yes, what about this?

I am a bit messy!

I am a bit messy!

Hey folks! I am using my time now. What I mean by that is I am out of the military. Congratulations! I still do enjoy working on cars, art and myself so all is not lost. There was no pension in my plan and a while back, about what seemed like ten years ago I received some money for a gratuity. Even that was a bonus to me. When I joined 25 years ago, I did not join for any reason but from what i remember was double-edged: one, the world was going to war. The US had invaded Saddam Hussien’s country because they were not playing by the rules. You know the rest. Two, to learn about working on cars. f100-drawing

I considered myself a cyclist back in the day, shaving legs racing training and seeking experiential meaning in life.


Then, I had a tramautic event and this was life-altering. I am not speaking of a broken toe, or head-injury but the cost of a mechanic fixing the front end of my first car, a 1968 Pontiac Acadian.

Wishful thinking! what she might have looked like had I kept her!

Wishful thinking! what she might have looked like had I kept her!

Although I WAS learning about mechanics from an Army buddy of mine, here I was in the middle of a rain-soaked night, on a rain-soaked street  in the outskirts of Surrey after partying  in New Westminister. Luckily, she limped home back to Vedder Crossing that night. Her front-end broke after I punched the gas making the car swing violently around and hitting the median with such force, she stopped and balanced on her centre-point.

Fast forward to today and here we are in my garage where I am working on a 1956 Ford F100 pick up’s radiator. What I plan to do is remove the hose connection to relocate it. Its good to use my skills!

complete-radiator radiator-and-nozzle radiator1956-peeking-out

This spare is one I bought in Winnipeg on a trip I went on to retrieve the 1938 Ford pick up I have. Anyway more to do! Check in later 🙂3511


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