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Welcome back,

In this exciting episode, I will show or provide an example of an old vintage car buy from initial contact through to it, getting it over to the Ranger Station location. In order to do this successfully, I need to do a bit of work but it is nothing that is not achievable. Since the first vehicle I owned to what I have today there have been some great memories.  Now in order to progress forward on this one, I need to create some funding. There is a 1979 Camaro I will sell. I like it but I think it doesnt fit in the plan anymore.

dscf0056 It will have either an old engine or no engine in it when sold. Currently, a 327 cubic inch small block sits in it but that will soon be removed to use in something else- a 1934 Chevrolet 1.5 ton from SSI 124






and there’s, Ladybug, a 1973 Super Beetle that also will need will disposing by sale.


This one’s got a rebuild in it. Floor-pans need lots of work.

These, will bring all required funding to get a couple of projects over,  or, at least one of the projects. Here are the projects of this episode: a couple of Fords that have some neat body lines!

e1956-ford-f10049-merc-2f100-drawingthen I can paint them at will. This is part of Frontline Image. Thanks for viewing!

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