This is the one that didn’t get away.

I have been lucky. With paintings a few are on the go; and there’s growth with cars lately as well. Because this is happening, I am creating a media recording of it all.Though its a cast of many, there is no conflict.

Although I currently have to sell the 1979 Camaro minus engine. I should do it. This is also what I imagined with the Super Beetle. Thats what I said!


In the long run, its for the better. I feel better than doing it now. I am not like that. We both get a good exchange.

SO, another 1956 Ford F100 comes back with me. I learned more about the truck too. This truck has a history that was provided to me by the current owner. Its an interesting story I am happy to share.

You see, this man’s mother had a brother who owned this cool farm truck that he bought from the original owner. This truck is named Alfie and Alfie was used as part of the farmer’s labour force. Heck, it was at a time where the days were long and Alfie carried grain. Incidentally Alfie is named after the original owner.

I cannot by agreement, keep collecting anymore I thought…until a few leave, so that is arranged and there goes Ladybug. With ten and a trailer, I can agree to that.Hopefully to be taken care of. Now, this comes at an opportune time. It happened…This truck will be making the move back with me to Vancouver Island on the truck and trailer combination. Thats another story line. By  getting those two tools,  never to lose money by hiring equipment of such magnitude (cost is about $600 rental).

And to sum up, the engine in the Ghia stays in the Ghia. It is a van engine anyway that, apparently, were good on torque.  AND Thats another story. I have been lucky.

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One thought on “This is the one that didn’t get away.

  1. Looks like a good start to a beautiful truck

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