Let me share my excitement!

Welcome back! and if this is your first time, WELCOME.

1973-super-beetle FOR 1956-ford-f100-alfie-3

What started out as yet another internet search to see what light trucks were on the market became a deletion of one 1973 aircooled VW Superbeetle, named Ladybug and the addition of the 1956 Ford F100 named Alfie. This post is a homage to the event about that add-on and with it something to propel me to creating more. I am excited about this. 

The internet search

When I went to Royal Roads I realized that I was good at researching. I have the marks to prove it and perhaps thats why I can pull up so much stuff up.Plus I did some more when I did army ops. One of the recent searches I did, Monday 17 Oct 16 which three days ago, showed me this white 1956 F100 among some other ads. Like any truck I am interested in, I reached out to through the ad. In the response, I found out a lot about the truck and including where it was, and I think condition – engine etc. I just so happened that I have one of those engines so know I could fix it into running shape again.

discovery of crucial details

I did not want to spend money on it, so offered up the 1973 VW SuperBeetle. There were points both good and bad about this exchange. No money exchanged hands was a great point! And I fulfilled a previously agreed  plan- a good point! another classic and previously sought-after vehicle- a good point and it was within driving distance. Some bad points were that I did not change the engine from the Bug to the Ghia. I had not yet road-tested the truck and trailer combo- initially a bad point then a great point! and many more points.

Goodbye Ladybug

Never did I think this was to be.  Ladybug is not around for my niece. It was a good dparture and the new owner understands beetles because he owned one which caught fire on him and burnt to the ground- lucky to be alive, I’d say. And no, it wasn’t a benzene-fueled furnace misfiring but a fuel leak in the engine compartment. He now has a rebuilt barely broken professional rebuild that cost over $2500. Great deal. I suggested he save the engine when that time comes for him to part with it.



Welcome home Alfie.

So here you go, I know you are still one the trailer and then he will not stray. Until you get used to this design, let’s keep it like that.1956-ford-f100-alfie-1 1956-ford-f100-alfie-4 1956-ford-f100-alfie-8


Wouldn’t you do the same?

Be sure to stop in again to see what’s going on with Alfie and many of the other projects!

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