Dumping out a box of thoughts…

Hey thanks for visiting. WE have an undeniable connection. I purge. I admit I am doing a lot of things including trying to look after my mother who is not as well as could be. Who is, really.

I try to stay positive with all I do and say but explosiveness comes out once and again. Even sometimes on social media.

I am blessed. After 25 years of military service mostly only part time (but in reality who lives part-time?) I have more input into creating my visions into reality. In or around 1995, I thought that Donald J. Trump would be an excellent U.S. President. I read his book and saw inspiration and what else was happening at the time? TV was important at molding my beliefs and so was the Canadian Military, we were in Iraqi territory as soldiers helping out with an invasion that was prompted by son after father approval? But check out this cool VW from then…


And fast forward to today and there is unrest in the world and I still enjoy working on my projects. For my VW Bug I traded, I got a Ford F100. I am happy with the fair trade. HAving two F100 to me is better than one however and it is different.

1973-super-beetlef100-drawing lights-on-f100 1956-ford-f100-alfie-31

I share with you a discovery that as my body’s get aged, I can reverse a bit of the stiffness by doing hot yoga- sweating gallons of toxins eventually.

I also got an extra cab and box with my latest truck acquisition. I have started to work on the box and the cab though sits.

More to follow…

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