Automotive Product Assessment

Here’s a product that I’ve used. I bought it at the Abbotsford car show just before we went to a patio Washington. This product was sold to me a booth sales person hustling to sell more product. I offered $50 so when the price went up, I did not want it. He then bargains down a bit more and ended up taking $50 with no extra rags sprays or any perks. No biggie. he slipped me a couple of terry cloth rags- bought from Costco. And then the guy next to him, was selling over the counter some products too. The fact my partner was talking to him and telling me about him and his product was surprising. Unfortunately I could not buy both products and the one that I got is pretty simple to use and is effective. I shook then sprayed this stuff onto my Dad’s Buick Regal GS yesterday that had some dust collected from the latest wind storm and before you know it, it was done. Make sure your cloths are clean terry cloths- I swirled it around, “wax on, wax off”.

Calla comments how great the car looked, “like new”

She inquired about the product because I told her that I was going to try it out on Dad’s car specifically. I used the product on the BMW Z4, so I new it worked.

The can of hi-performance cleaner and carnauba wax were tried. There is also a can of tire spray and interior to still use.


The price for the four was $50CDN and they have a Canadian link to their email/website so this we can check out too!


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