Action-oriented Communication

The world imagined by Les Gardner is likely what you can picture. An Army reservist veteran, Sgt Gardner proudly serves his country and working towards being a better strategic communication specialist.

Education: a member of the 2011 RRU sustainability committee,  BAPCcohort rep on 2011 student council,  charter member of newly-formed toastmasters group at the Royal Roads campus, Victoria BC. Enrolled in intensive one-year BA in Professional Communications (BAPC).

Les is praised for effort in public speaking presenting and siezes opportunities to keep confident. when asked by his Sergeant-Major, He jumped at the chance to emcee at the Ashton Armoury Soldier Christmass Dinner 2013.  Les’ talents include , coloured pen and ink  art landscaping, and automotive mechanics. Together,  these abilities can produce great ideas to create from.

Les smiles and explains, “As the son of two loving parents, my upbringing included being able to tinker as a child. As a vehicle technician in the Canadian Forces, I  expanded my abilities and learned to repair trucks. This ultimately propelled my reasoning that learning how to fix my Camaro and save money was logical- one should be adapt at fixing stuff….

….I enjoy what I do and would like to support myself through my natural abilities and learned skills”.


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